More than half of commuters are considering riding their bikes to work, according to a summer 2020 survey

Perhaps you want to join the ranks of Britons who have already taken to cycling. Or you want to change up your traditional bike for something a little more powerful. 

Either way, you could be the perfect person to invest in an electric bike. Such a ride would get you around more quickly than a traditional two-wheeler. But that’s not the only reason to switch to a more powerful bike.

As it turns out, electric bicycles have lots of surprising benefits. Consider these seven before you buy yourself a new set of wheels. 

1. An Electric Bike Will Improve Your Heart Health

To know how an electric bike could help your heart, you’ll have to understand how these vehicles work.

It’s not a fully electric ride from point A to point B. Instead, you pedal when you want to, and you can use the electricity as a power boost. No longer will you have to push yourself up steep inclines or across extra-long distances. 

So, you’ll still get a good workout from your electric bike. And as you pedal around and get your heart rate up, you’ll strengthen your heart. 

On top of that, cycling safeguards the heart because it can help riders lose weight. Shedding pounds keeps precursors to heart trouble at bay, including obesity and diabetes. 

2. Electric Bicycles Are Easy On Your Joints

Some people avoid riding bikes — especially for long distances — because their knees and other joints start to hurt. 

However, if you hop onto a Giant E-bike and hit the road, you will have a bit of assistance. The power boost provided by your electric bike can push you through the more strenuous parts of your ride. And this feature will take the strain off of your joints that might otherwise ache whilst you pedal. 

Older, more sensitive exercisers often turn to bikes because they’re easier on the joints than, say, running. But an electric bike takes that even further, getting you through the more challenging stretches of a cycle without any pressure on your knees. 

3. Electric Bikes Can Strengthen Your Immune System

Getting out and exercising does wonders for your body. For one thing, it reduces the risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Exercise also boosts your mood and helps keep your weight in check. 

Another benefit of cardiovascular exercise is that it keeps your immune system healthy. Regular workouts can decrease your chances of contracting an upper respiratory infection by up to 29 percent, for example. 

So, hopping onto your electric bike is another way to bolster your immune system through fitness. 

4. Electric Bikes Can Slash Your Transportation Costs

Investing in a new ride is a significant expense. That’s why you’ll research the best brands, read electric bike reviews and find out the cost of a new set of wheels. 

But once you pay for your new e-bike, you won’t have to worry about petrol or major repairs, as you might with a car. You also don’t have to pay for a monthly membership to use it, which you do for public transit commutes. 

Instead, you’ll buy a battery for your bike, which comes at an affordable cost. You can recharge it and reuse it for multiple rides, thus saving you money in the long run. 

5. Your E-Bike Will Be Environmentally Friendly

Everyone has different reasons to search for the best electric bike. Perhaps you’re looking for a new, environmentally friendly way to get around. 

Most e-bikes use between 100 and 150 watts of energy to power you around. Compare that to a car, which needs about 15,000 watts of energy to make similar treks. 

Swapping over to an electric bike, then, is an excellent option for green-focused individuals. 

6. Electric Bicycles Sharpen the Mind

Hopping onto your bike and riding around with confidence requires great focus. You have to pay attention whilst you pedal through traffic or rough country trails. 

As such, it shouldn’t be a surprise that studies have found biking — particularly on electric models — to sharpen the mind. A study by cycleBOOM found that e-cycling could improve brain function in adults over 50. 

Having a properly functioning brain meant that these adults could potentially side-step such debilitating conditions as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. 

These benefits don’t require a full-out workout on the bike, either. A gentle ride on an electric bike, complete with built-in power boosts, could also do the trick. 

7. An Electric Bike Will Put You to Sleep at Night

Finally, riding around on an electric bike does require a bit of push and power from you. If you use it to get around town, you’ll get a good workout. So, when it’s time to hop into bed and go to sleep, you should have no trouble dozing off. 

Perhaps you have trouble sleeping because you have racing thoughts and feel stressed out. Your e-bike can help with that, too. 

Exercise of any kind helps to fight stress. That’s because physical activity produces endorphins, brain chemicals that act as the body’s painkiller. They ward off your stress, and they also help you fall into a restful sleep. 

Invest In an Electric Bike

As you can see, there’s a lot of good that will come from your investment in an electric bike. You’ll improve your health, both mental and physical. Your new ride will do good for the planet, too. 

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