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cube reaction hybrid pro 500 electric bike

Cube Reaction Hybrid Pro 500 Electric Bike


Cube Touring Hybrid One 500 EE Electric Bike 2020

Cube Touring Hybrid One 500 EE Electric Bike


cube stereo 140 hpc hybrid TM 625 29 electric bike 2020

Cube Stereo 140 HPC TM 625 29 Electric Bike


Cube operates from their factory in Waldershof, Germany and has developed into a bike manufacturer renowned for its innovation and precision design, as well as specialist engineering. The German enthusiasts are always at the cutting edge of cycling technology and now have a proven track record of producing a reliable and functional electric product range. 

The History Of Cube Bikes 

Cube was founded in 1993 by former student Marcus Purner who opened the first premises in an old furniture factory belonging to his father. The business began during the mountain bike craze of the early 1990s, and these were some of the first bikes developed and sold by the company. In comparison to Ribble, who started in 1897 and developed Penny Farthings, Cube is very new to the business. However, their reputation for developing outstanding performance bikes has made them a stand-out choice for many cyclists across the globe

Since then, the company has grown immensely. As well as mountain bikes it now designs and engineers road bikes, e-bikes, kids bikes, racing bikes, endurance bikes, and more. Cube bikes are a regular feature in the Tour De France and other well-established biking competitions. The business was first established in a small factory, but today it operates from a 20,000m² workshop that designs and engineers specialist bikes for all purposes. The bikes are distributed to over 33 countries, and despite not yet operating in North America, Cube is one of the world's best known and well-respected bike brands.

Initially, the Cube catalogue only contained mountain bikes, to begin with, but this quickly grew to include road bikes also. Cube's interest in performance engineering and the entrance of its bikes into racing competitions saw its reputation grow fast. Year on year, the company has grown in size and reputation as it continually updates older models enhancing their features to meet the needs of its end users. That could mean anything from a Tour de France race to everyday commute.

In 2020 Cube is at the forefront of design and innovation to meet the demands of the modern world. It now has a full range of electric-assisted bikes that have been tweaked and re-configured continually over the last decade to optimise them for better performance and durability. Cube's marketing ethic is simple, let the bikes speak for themselves. With this in mind, you can guarantee a Cube bike will offer the best quality and the latest technological innovations.


No. 1

cube stereo 140 hpc hybrid TM 625 29 electric bike 2020

Cube Stereo 140 HPC TM 625 29 Electric Hybrid Bike

No. 2

Cube Agree Hybrid C62 SL E electric Bike 2020

Cube Agree Hybrid C62 SL E electric Bike

No. 3

cube stereo 160 hpc sl 625 electric hybrid bike

Cube Stereo 160 HPC SL 625 27.5 Electric Hybrid Bike

No. 4

cube reaction hybrid pro 500 electric bike

Cube Reaction Hybrid Pro 500 Electric Bike

No. 5

Cube Town Hybrid SL 500 Electric Bike

Cube Town Hybrid SL 500 Electric Bike

No. 6

Cube Touring Hybrid One 500 EE Electric Bike 2020

No. 7

Cube Town Hybrid One 400 Electric Bike 2020

Cube Town Hybrid One 400 Electric Bike 2020



cube stereo 140 hpc hybrid TM 625 29 electric bike 2020

The new Stereo Hybrid 140 HPC 29 is a hugely adaptable all-mountain power-assisted e-bike at an excellent price. It is a high performing, modular battery-assisted trail bike with a light geometric frame for treks and excursions in the hills and mountains. It is a fun bike to ride with discrete battery-assisted performance.

The latest Cube Stereo incorporates a light but powerful Bosch fourth-generation battery that offers better range and more power than its predecessors. The Bosch power unit is completely hidden inside a slender carbon down tube and protected by an easily accessible cover. The drive system sits in its housing while the aluminium rear triangle features a boost 148 axle for efficient power transfer. Sleek and discrete, the new modular battery system gives the power you need when you need it, without the weight of previous generation motors.

The Stereo Hybrid 140 is built using a new carbon frame to house the Bosch Performance CX motor and offer a lighter chassis that boosts performance on uphill climbs and makes it easier to lift and carry. Visually, it’s an improvement on previous-generation models. The frame is attractive, balanced, clean-cut, and menacing looking. The meaty handlebars are supported by an equilateral frame that is both chunky and light. The seating shaft rises from the Bosch motor, located in the pedal bay, in a thin, angular profile.

The latest Cube Stereo has also upgraded its wheel size to 29 inches from 27.5 inches in previous models. This is a smart move for a trail bike with 140mm travel that is designed to cover ground fast. The Cube Stereo Electric Hybrid is designed to appeal to a diversity of UK riders who ride regular trails but don’t believe they need 150mm travel. The 29in wheels are fast-rolling, feel stable, and inspire confidence on challenging paths.


Cube Agree Hybrid C62 SL E electric Bike 2020

The Cube Agree Hybrid is a new breed of road bike bringing together the elegance and simplicity of a traditional bike with the flexibility and advanced potential of a pedal-assist drive system. Riders can expect to travel and ride faster than before opening up new possibilities for adventure and travel. Discretely concealed within a sleek carbon frame is a self-contained, fully-removable Shimano Ultegra 2x11 transmission that will redefine your expectations of road bike capabilities.

The Cube Agree Hybrid uses a Fauza Evation Motor Drive System to assist with speed and range on this light, slim-lined road bike. The motor is bottom bracket-mounted but is much smaller than the equivalent Shimano, Bosch or Polini systems in similar bikes of its class. The motor dimensions have zero effect on the bike’s geometry, allowing the Agree Hybrid to handle in the same way as the non-assisted counterpart. The motor is also lightweight and fully removable. Once removed a cover can be fitted allowing you to ride it as a conventional bike.

The Cube Agree Hybrid uses a lightweight carbon frame that is only slightly heavier than the non-assist version. This is to support the motor but not influence overall performance and operates much like a conventional bike. When cruising or descending the bike is stable and composed owing to the centrally positioned low-profile motor. Handling performance is not significantly affected by the inclusion of the motor, which is hugely beneficial for pulling away at junctions and for short bursts of extra speed when needed. The bike is not really designed for sprinting, but when the road starts to elevate, it’s time to switch through the assist modes.


cube stereo 160 hpc sl 625 electric hybrid bike

The new Stereo Hybrid 160 HPC SL is a versatile electric hybrid bike that redefines the possibilities of cycling. A sturdy, light endurance bike that is built to withstand a variety of environments including roads and mountainous trails. Using Cube’s extensive experience in manufacturing performance bikes for the Enduro World Series, talented engineers have developed a new class of e-bike that incorporates the latest hybrid, carbon, and full suspension technology - as well as the innovative CUBE Modular Battery System.

The battery system is a Bosch power unit enclosed in the down tube and hidden behind a shock, moisture, and dustproof cover with push-button access. The battery unit is discrete. It does not affect the profile of the bike, and its contribution to pedalling power offsets its weight. It can be easily accessed by way of a hidden lock, and its capacity can be increased for a greater range in the mountains if required. The Cube Stereo Hybrid is a machine that offers durability, reliability, and practical functionality.

The Cube Stereo Hybrid frame is carbon made with upfront forks that deliver 170mm of trail-heavy travel. 12-speed transmission capability ensures capacity for every link stage. Hydraulic disc brakes combine with super-grippy tyres to deliver power and speed on timed stages. The bike uses larger bearings, hidden cable routing and chain guide compatibility to set it apart from its competitors. Combine this with the Bosch fourth-generation drive unit, and you’ll be ready to swallow boulders and beat your personal bests every time you hit the trails.


cube reaction hybrid pro 500 electric bike

The Cube Reaction Hybrid Pro 500 is designed for mountainous trails and cross-country expeditions. It offers a combination of electric pedal assist using a Bosch motor and a robust aluminium frame for maximum strength and performance. The bike is incredibly versatile with a wide selection of component parts, seven-size options, and can be bought with either 27.5 inch or 29-inch wheels to suit different riders and riding styles.

The Cube Reaction Hybrid Pro 500 is designed for casual mountain bikers taking on the ruff and tumble of conventional trails. Its electric pedal-assist motor gives the perfect boost to the novice rider needing extra power to conquer challenging terrains. The Bosch Performance CX pedal assist system is a mid-drive system providing a natural power boost without any visible exterior bulk. The motor is integrated seamlessly into the bike’s frame. It can achieve 75nm of torque, with 250-watts of continuous power.

The frame is made from aluminium; this adds a little more weight to the bike but improves its overall strength. Since it’s built for recreational use, a super lightweight carbon frame would only increase the cost for minimal performance value. The frame is triple-butted with and has a tapered head-tube for stiffness and accurate steering. Cable routing is internal in the frame giving the electric bike a streamlined look and minimizing cable damage.

The Cube Reaction Hybrid Pro 500 further benefits from a Shimano Deore drivetrain that provides smooth, accurate, and reliable shifting of gears over rough terrains. The combination of superior chain and gear performance and pedal-assist battery gives the bike not only excellent performance but also maintains components over the long term. Never worry about your tires on the mountain trails with 2.6-inch Schwalbe tires that are super-grippy and  puncture-resistant


Cube Town Hybrid SL 500 Electric Bike

The Cube Town Hybrid SL 500 Electric bike is your answer to a perfectly optimised town bike that is comfortable, safe, and practical with its in-build Bosch motor system. With the Town Hybrid, Cube has incorporated all the elements that make their town series so successful and designed a bike with unmatched handling, reduced weight, low maintenance, and excellent performance. Get around town quietly, quickly, and cleanly with this modern, versatile machine.

The Cube Town Hybrid SL 500 Electric bike uses Shimano's Nexus 8-speed hub with electronic Di2 shifting. Combined with this is a sleek and discrete Bosch modular battery system that gives you the power boost you need when you need it. It's ideal for small city inclines and pulling quickly away from dangerous junctions. The Shimano and Bosch systems work together to provide not only a comfortable seamless performance but also reduce the need for maintenance and prolong the bike's life expectancy.

Hydraulic rim brakes offer safe and reliable stopping in any weather, and the RockShox Paragon Gold fork smooths your passage over potholed city streets and rough country roads. Additionally, the bike has an integrated luggage carrier providing a robust and stable platform for transporting work items or shopping. The bike is available in a range of formats: Easy Entry, Trapezed, or Classic Men's frame can be bought depending on your style whatever your preference The Cube Town Hybrid SL 500 Electric bike is an excellent choice for inner-city travel.


Cube Touring Hybrid One 500 EE Electric Bike 2020

The Touring Hybrid Pro has been upgraded from the 2018 model to deliver the best touring bike yet from Cube. It now possesses far better handling and versatility than its predecessor. This robust model is ideal for day-to-day commuting or multi-day touring further afield. It has a combination of features that provide excellent functionality, longevity, and performance.

Its integrated luggage rack is light, strong, and unobtrusive. Paniers can be easily hung over the rack to store work items or travelling essentials such as devices, water, and clothing. Also built into the frame is a full range of accessories from mudguards and lights to a handy kickstand. Powerful hydraulic brakes provide safe, reliable stopping in any weather and the 10-speed Shimano gears won’t let you down on a variety of road surfaces.

Whether you need a reliable, functional bike for commuting or one that’s ideal for weekend expeditions to the countryside, the Cube Touring Hybrid Pro 500, is a sensible choice.


Cube Town Hybrid One 400 Electric Bike 2020

Cube’s Town Hybrid ONE 400 Bosch powered e-bike is designed to make your life easier, whether commenting in the city or travelling on weekend excursions - perhaps both! It has an Easy-Entry frame, Shimano 7-speed hub gears and a smooth but powerful Bosch motor to assist with challenging inclines and junction acceleration. This is an important safety feature of inner-city cycling.

The Bosch battery unit is discreetly tucked away, and the chain is enclosed to protect the rider from mud and oil when commuting. Mudguards are also provided on the wheels to keep you dry and clean when riding. The affixed luggage carrier offered ample space to hang panniers with essential items for work or travel. Strong light in the system ensures you are visible to traffic as the light fades and a handy kickstand allows you to prop up your bike anywhere conveniently you need to.

An effective suspension fork evens out road surfaces making your commute as comfortable as possible, and the new frame design with internally routed cables reduces maintenance costs and the possibility of damage. The bike has passed all stringent in-house safety tests giving you confidence in its quality, durability, and reliability.


Cube electric batteries come in two types: the Full Integrated Battery and the Semi Integrated Battery. The goal is to use batteries for the future that will be as light and seamless as possible. New frame concepts and materials mean that Cube bikes are out in front when it comes to modern battery technology. Depending on the requirement of the bike, performance or urban committing the battery can be external, removable, or a Powertube that disappears entirely into the frame. In most of Cube’s electric bike series, it is not possible to tell if the bike is electric. The e-bikes not only look exceptional and elegant; the sealed battery covers are durable and protect against performance-related damage. They are also easy to access and remove for charging.


Cube’s electric series is without doubt one of the most modern, elegant, and diverse ranges to date from the company who can conquer the world without breaking the American market. If you need a trail bike with both substance and style, check out the Cube Stereo 140 or 160. These boulder-swallowing trailblazers will open up new horizons for your off-road adventures and performance times. If it’s a more functional everyday machine you need, Cube offers some sturdy, reliable options that combine superb electric performance with practical considerations: look into the Cube Town Hybrid One or the Cube Touring Hybrid One. Investing in a Cube bike is investing in the latest concepts and technology.


As an Amazon assoiciate we earn from qualifying purchases

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