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UPDATED - 21st September 2020

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gtech sport ebike

Gtech Sport Electric Bike


gtech city ebike hybrid

Gtech City Electric Bike


gtech escent ebike

Gtech eScent Electric Bike


Gtech (Grey Technology) was founded in 2001 by its founder and CEO Nick Grey with a mission to create innovative and affordable house tech products. It has been surprising then to see a company best known for its vacuum cleaners and tools take the ebike world by storm.

Through its fantastic TV advertising campaigns, Gtech has managed to create a stronger demand for ebikes in the UK. Gtech itself is an independent British company renowned for it’s down to earth attitude towards business and special attention is given to its consumers giving Gtech a solid reputation and loyal customer base. 

Gtech is on a mission to make people’s lives easier and more enjoyable through simple but robust technology. The Gtech ebikes have proven to be a huge success for this very reason. There is a certain simplicity to their ebikes which puts them ahead of rival brands.

Gtech seems to understand the value of offering people great products at reasonable costs with special after purchase care and support. Gtech feels like a friendly local business that works with its customers to create better products and services. 

In this guide, we’re going to take a look at the pros and cons of the three Gtech e-bikes currently available. This guide aims to provide you with helpful insights and information if you’re considering purchasing an e-bike from this independent and innovative UK company. 


No. 1

gtech escent ebike

Gtech eScent Electric Bike

No. 2

gtech sport ebike

Gtech Sport Electric Bike

No. 3

gtech city ebike hybrid

Gtech City Electric Bike



gtech escent ebike

The eScent is Gtech’s effort at producing an electric mountain bike. Specifically designed for those wanting an assisted ride whilst out in the country and taking the bike offroad.

The eScent comes with a 17.5” aluminium frame and 27.5” off-road tyres weighing the eScent in in at 19kg. This makes the bike easy enough to move around for your average person.

The eScent comes with a suspension saddle that feels comfortable and easily adjustable to find the right riding position. The front RockShox suspension is good and at adding to the comfort of the eScent’s ride and the hydraulic disc brakes feel safe and reliable.

The battery is no different to that of the City or Sport versions of the ebike which is slightly disappointing. The battery allows for 30 miles per full charge but that probably isn’t enough for serious mountain biking adventures. Other electric mountain bikes in the same price range can last for 40-60 miles per charge. 

The battery comes with the same display as the City and Sport making it easy to check your battery percentage and power mode. The position of the battery under the main bar is a nice change to the usual handlebar position on other ebikes but it does make checking the display more difficult, usually having to stop to do so.

The eScent comes with a 36V high torque motor as standard which is enough to help you tackle any steep hills that may come your way. However, the extra power drains your battery quicker which means your 30 miles range soon becomes just 20 miles. However, if you do happen to run out of charge the eScent has 10 gears which can make life easier to ride the bike manually.

The battery to power motor is useful in allowing you to pedal more easily over tough terrain. Coupled with the front suspension the ride on the eScent is comfortable enough both on-road and off-road.

Overall the eScent is a great choice for anyone looking for a power-assisted mountain bike to move them around the countryside but it may not be suitable for any serious mountain bikers. It has enough power to get you around the mountains and is a fun bike to ride.


gtech sport ebike

The eBike Sport from Gtech is much like it’s eBike City counterpart but with a larger 20’ frame that is slightly heavier but better suited to taller people and those accustomed to riding bikes on a regular basis. The sport version takes the Gtech ebike to the next level.

The battery is 200Wh removable battery pack and doubles up as the bike’s controller with a large display telling you the battery percentage and power mode (normal and eco). This differs from most ebikes where you will find the controller awkwardly sat on the handlebars.

To achieve full charge on the eBike Sport you need to simply clip the battery off the bike and put it in it’s dedicated charger for 4 hours. Note that that battery is not fixed or locked to the bike so you will need to take it with you once chained up.

As with the eBike City above the sport’s drivetrain uses a carbon-fibre belt instead of a chain. Great for avoiding a muddy leg on the way to work. The saddle on the eBike Sport is designed for a more dynamic seating position which caters to both city and countryside riding.

The power is smooth on the eBike Sport but it’s not the most powerful or fastest ebike on the market. You will notice a significant amount of effort is needed when faced with a steep incline. It can climb gradual inclines or small hills quite easily though.

The eBike Sport feels incredibly stable at high speeds and is easy to steer at low speeds as you zip around the city lanes. The single-speed drivetrain makes it difficult for the bike to exceed the UK’s 15mph speed limit. 

The frame comes in just one size but the seat post is easily adjustable for riders of heights. You can quickly find a comfortable position on the eBike sport.

The range of a single battery charge on the eBike Sport is 30 miles in eco mode. It’s unlikely the average rider will be able to stay in the eco mode so the actual range may actually be around 20-25 miles on a single charge. Gtech has kept the simple 2 cruising speeds on the eBike Sport which are easy to change between during your ride. 

Unlike the eBike City, once you lose charge on the eBike Sport you should find it easy enough to ride manually. Useful if you forget to charge every now and then.

Overall thew eBike Sport is a simple and easy to use ebike that ticks pretty much all the boxes for anyone wanting a great bike to commute to and from work. It’s easy to use, powerful enough to get you around the city and easy to manage.


gtech city ebike

What’s great about Gtech’s standard eBike City is that it looks just like a real bike. When ebikes first hit the market, aesthetically they were not that pleasing. The eBike City from Gtech looks smart with the battery and cables all nicely tucked away out of sight. The battery only weighs 1.4 kg and is disguised as a water bottle which is a nice touch.

Gtech says that this bike can be used equally as well with the battery power and without it. We found that with the battery power the eBike city is a lot of fun and rides well but without the battery power it’s a bit heavy and clunky. For this reason, it wouldn’t be suitable for any long journeys but it will manage very well around the city.

The eBike City is rear-powered with two speed options, high and low. Gtech likes to keep things simple. The 17’ step-through aluminium frame is light allowing you to fly through early morning traffic with ease. The whole bike weighs in at 16kg which is easier enough for most people to handle. The frame is also rust-resistant so you don’t need to worry too much about it being left in the rain, which is inevitable living in the UK.

The battery will last you about 30 miles and it’s best not to get caught without any juice as the eBike City has no gears for manual riding. Charging the battery takes approximately 3 hours from flat to full.

The eBike City is quite powerful too at 200W so if you decide to take it out to the countryside you will find it zips up those hills quite easily. The bike is also incredibly simple to use by pressing a big green button to move between low and high power.

There are no complex features like chains or gears, just a simple design for simple riding. The chain has been replaced by a carbon-fibre style belt instead and you won’t feel much difference between this and a regular chain bike.

The saddle on the eBike City is comfortable and offers a more upright riding position that is suited to city riding.

The built-in computer monitors show you how hard you are having to pedal and then applies the electric motor as required allowing for easier riding and less effort on trickier parts of the road.

The assisted speed limit is 15mph as with all ebikes but with the eBike City you will find due to its lightness you can pedal harder without feeling the weight trying to pull you back to 15mph.

For the price, the eBike City is a great choice for anyone looking for high-performance city bike to commute to and from work with the occasional country road trip.


Gtech have successfully positioned themselves as a leader in ebikes. They have done this by introducing simple and easy to use bikes that suit the masses. The ebikes from Gtech are not too dissimilar from regular bikes which has turned out to be an important feature for their customers. 

Gtech are an innovative design company most famous for their vacuum cleaners and tools but their ability to take an idea and simplify it has enabled them to create a range of high-performance ebikes that are easy to use and cost-effective.

Gtech are known for their fantastic customer service so you can feel safe in the knowledge that if anything does go wrong with your ebike they will be there to help. Their advisors are knowledgeable and can usually help with most issues straight away. They can assist you with any replacement parts and accessories too. They have a good returns policy and can usually ship you any replacement parts within 24 hours. 


Powering each ebike from Gtech is a lithium-ion electric bike battery. Shaped like a water bottle it has been made discreet and light, weighing just 1.4kg. It is easy to detach and carry with you. Charging is simple and can be done anywhere whether that is at home, in the office or in a cafe.

The ebikes come with a handy ebike charger that is small and portable for your convenience. 

A full charge takes around 3 hours and will give you approximately 30 miles range. The helpful display allows you to check the battery percentage at any time during your ride.

Gtech has formed a special partnership with Cycle Republic to help its customers buy replacement ebike batteries.


Gtech’s relationship with Cycle Republic also includes a number of accessories that can be bought for your Gtech ebike and delivered quickly. The Gtech ebikes are designed to be modified and upgraded as you desire so making adjustments to the bike is relatively easy.

Added extra Gtech accessories include simple mudguards to help keep your work clothes clean on the way to work, they can be fitted to the front and back wheels easily. You can find a number of different styles of helmets with various safety features for different environments too.

Bike locks and safety lights an also be bought to add to the safety of your precious ebike. The locks come with a convenient combination locking mechanism with no need for a key. The safety lights are easily clipped to handlebar frame and beneath the saddle and provide strong illumination when required.

You can also buy various styles of saddles for different types of bike rides. You will find one made for commuting and others for longer journeys. Saddles are easily clipped on and off which means you can own more than one and interchange between them. If you own an eScent you can also upgrade your mountain bike pedals to a set that are more grippy and durable than the standard set the bike comes with.

Cycle Republic also sells replacement seat posts, clamp bolts, front and rear wheels, inner tubes, chain tensioner cap and handlebars.


We believe that Gtech have done a great job in providing a range of simple and useful ebikes that cater for most people. However, the eBike Sport feels like the best choice for a few reasons. Most people will find the size of the Sport better suited to them than the City version with it’s slightly larger frame. The Sport looks more like a road bike and is simple in it’s design and operation. The eBike sport feels more robust and suitable for inner city commuting.

The eBike Sport is a simple ebike that will be favoured by anyone new to ebikes or those who are tired of the other geeky looking ebikes available on the market. The materials are high quality opting for a solid aluminium frame which keeps the bike light and easy to handle. It’s simple drivetrain system without the use of chains is great for commuters who don’t want to get dirty on the way to work. The simple battery system is also a welcome alternative to other ebikes, you can easily clip it off and carry it around with you. The ability to accessorize means you can adapt the Sport to the perfect ebike for you.

We hope that you enjoyed this guide and review on this selection of top e-bikes from Gtech. Good luck with your choice and happy commuting!b


As an Amazon assoiciate we earn from qualifying purchases

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