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For many people, an electric bike is still seen as a bit of an alien entity. People are used to more traditional bikes that require maximum pedal power when cycling up hills and steep gradients. Electric bikes aim to eliminate this need for as much effort allowing the commuter or cycling enthusiast to travel in style while still flexing their eco-friendly muscles. 

This is why our electric bike guides can come in so handy. If you aren’t au fait with the latest cycling jargon and you need some help deciding whether or not an e-bike is for you, our electric bike guides can help inspire your decisions.

What is an electric bike?

Electric bikes are rising in popularity as people yearn to be more sustainable in their travel choices. At its core, an electric bike is a traditional bike with a motor to aid your acceleration and speed to help make your commute easier.

The power that you expel through pedalling is still impactful on your speed, while the electric motor will help you achieve the maximum road speed of 15.5 mph. The more you pedal, the faster you will go, much like with a regular bicycle. However, with that added boost from an electric motor, you won’t have to turn up to work looking all sweaty and shattered before your day in the office has even begun.

Is an electric bike for you?

Our electric bike guides will help you select the right bike for you. Electric bikes come in all different shapes and sizes for all different styles of rider, from the active mountain bike enthusiast to the work commuter. 

Don’t assume that you have to be superfit to own an electric bike - you need to know how to ride a bike. The electric bike guides here explore the reasons why you might choose an electric bike, how they work and any questions that you may have about maintaining your e-bike. 

It isn’t just the welcome boost of the electric motor that might encourage you to purchase an electric bike. An electric bike is more gentle on your joints. This is perfect for those individuals who want to lead a greener lifestyle but suffer from mobility issues. You won’t have to succumb to commuting by car if you have an electric bike.

You may feel safer on an e-bike when stuck in traffic or filtering on your commute. The extra power means you can swerve out of the way quicker and avoid hazards. You might enjoy an electric bike for the exercise. You still need to pedal, so it’s not solely a motor-powered journey, but it can be gentler than road cycling with a traditional bike. 

E-bike technology has improved dramatically over the past decade, meaning that more people than ever are joining the e-bike revolution. If you are keen to take the e-bike plunge, check out our electric bike guides to help you make a green and sustainable change to your life.

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As an Amazon assoiciate we earn from qualifying purchases

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