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richbit rt 016 electric fat folding bike

Rich Bit RT-016 Electric Folding Bike


richbit zdc rt 730 folding electric bike

Rich Bit ZDC RT-730 Electric Folding Bike


richbit rt-012 electric bike

Rich Bit RT-012 Electric Mountain Bike


There are many reasons why you should consider purchasing an electric bike if you do not have one already. Electric bikes are incredibly versatile. No matter whether you are looking to get to work faster or to improve your fitness; an e-bike will oblige. Electric bikes feature rechargeable batteries, which can travel a lot quicker than most people would be able to cycle. This enables you to get to your destination quicker while also working out in the process. Essentially, the provide an emission-free, energy-efficient, and low-cost form of transport, with some health and physical benefits too. What’s not to like?

However, one of the difficulties you may have is deciding what sort of electric bike you should purchase. After all, there are so many different bikes on the market today, and so it can feel almost impossible to narrow down your search effectively. Firstly, you have to choose from the different classes, i.e. Class 1, Class 2, or Class 3. With Class 3 and Class 1 bikes, the motor is only going to kick in when you pedal. However, with a Class 1 bike, it stops helping you at 20 mph, and for a Class 3 bike, it stops helping you at 28 mph. With a Class 2 bike, there is also a purely throttle-powered mode included. Other factors to consider include the motor, frame, component quality, built-in security, the brand, and the overall look of the bike too.

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, one thing you need to think about when looking for an electric bike is the brand the manufactures it. Rich Bit is one brand that we very much recommend. This company was created by two young professionals who had struggled to find a cost-effective fat tire electronic bike. In the end, they decided they would make their own. And, as the saying goes, they have never looked back since! Rich Bit bikes are certainly some of the best that are on the market today. However, even they have a number of different models to choose from, so you still have some decisions to make.



richbit rt 012 electric bike

The first Rich Bit bike that we are going to give our verdict on is the Rich Bit RT-012 Electric Mountain Bike. This bike features a large 21-speed gear system. This consists of the Shimano TX35 rear shifter, the Shimano M410 middle shifter, and the Shimano TX50 21-speed shifter. So, no matter whether you’re going downhill or you have a huge uphill to climb, you know you can get there on your own power.

This bike also comes with a powerful lithium battery, which boasts a maximum range of 40 miles. This bike can propel you at a speed of more than 30 miles per hour, of course, this does depend on the terrain and weight, as is the case with most bikes.

One of the standout features of the bike is the design of it. It boasts a very sleek and futuristic appeal. It also has an aluminium alloy frame, which is lightweight, so it is easy to transport. It also comes with a new battery management system, which offers energy-saving and improved safety. Some of the characteristics of this battery include anti-inverse charge, temperature protection, short circuit protection, excessive current protection, excessive discharge protection, overcharged protection, voltage protection, and equalisation functions.

The bike’s safety system is also pretty impressive. There are two keys to the bike. One is for battery charging and the other for the handlebar throttle. Accessories that come with the bike include a horn and front LED spotlight, as well as a USB mobile phone charger and holder.

Of course, we have to mention the smart nature of this e-bike. It comes with a seven-position smart computer, which can display travel distance, speed, the status of your battery, and the different modes. You can also use this to clear mileage, set speed limits, and so on. It really enables you to take your biking experience to the next level.

If you are looking for a bike that ticks all of the boxes, this is definitely a good choice. It comes with a good number of features while also delivering exceptional build quality and great value for money too.


richbit rt 016 electric fat folding bike

Next, we have the Rich Bit RT-016 Electric Folding Bike. This is a great choice if you are looking for something that offers the performance of an off-road mountain bike combined with the portability of a folding city bike. You get the best of both worlds.

This e-bike features a maximum distance of 40 to 50 miles when you are using level one assist. It is also powered with a high-quality 48V*8AH removable lithium battery. The maximum speed for this bike is 23 mph.

The bike is suitable for all-terrain, which is one of the main benefits associated with it. You can easily commute to and from work and then go on a mountain biking adventure in the evening. This is achievable thanks to the robust 500W rear hub brush-less motor. The bike also comes with in-built, sturdy front and rear material mudguards.

Safety is a big feature of this bike. It comes with a safer brake system, which will cut-off the electric when you brake. There is also a completely updated light system with this bike, with an added direction indictor lights and also a new light system on the rear. The front handlebar and two rear-view mirrors also add heaps of safety to this model.


richbit rt860 electric folding mountain bike

Next, we have the very impressive Rich Bit RT860 Folding Electric Mountain Bike. This bike has been designed with mountain bike enthusiasts in mind. If you are looking for a rural roadster or a versatile yet fun mountain bike, this is a good choice. It has a luxurious look to it, with a mid-range watt power between 251 and 350 watts.

There are a number of reasons why this bike is held in such high regard. It boasts an outstanding range, enabling you to traverse trails between 18 and 37 miles long without needing to recharge the bike. The top speed of this bike is 31 miles per hour.

When you receive the bike, it is going to be around 90 per cent assembled, meaning a little bit of work is needed before you hit the road. There are three different cycling modes for you to enjoy. This includes the full power-down mode, which is just like a bicycle, i.e. you are going to need to pedal forward to get the bike to move! There is then the pedal assistance mode, which will save you around 70 per cent of your effort. Finally, there is the full-electric mode. Just use the right handlebar for the throttle and you’re good to go.


richbit zdc rt 730 folding electric bike

Last but not least, we have the Rich Bit ZDC RT-730 Electric Folding Bike, which has been designed especially for the city. This bike is ideal for long commutes. It is easy and swift to handle, and it is also very light in weight, as it is made from aluminium. The bike can be folded, which means you are not going to need to leave it locked on a bicycle rack. Instead, you can easily fold the bike and carry it into your office or building, enabling you to place it securely under your desk. 

Powerful 48V*8AH lithium-ion batteries are used to power this bike. They have been built into the frame of the bike, which makes them pretty much invisible. You can travel for up to 50 km at a time with these batteries. They can last for seven hours when they are fully charged. The bike offers a comfortable ride thanks to the rare and front suspension.

This bike can travel at a speed of 25km per hour. It has a seven-speed feature, which means you can use the speed shift lever on the bike to choose the most comfortable speed for you. There are also rear and front disk brakes, which have a shift or power off system, which enables you to use them either motorised or manually. 

There are other elements of the bike that make it comfortable to ride, including the ergonomically designed grip, as well as the waterproof seat. The seat is held by a high-impact aluminium 33.9 mm seat post. The seat itself is very comfortable and perfectly suited for commutes of a long distance. Safety is also enhanced with the LED light, which makes it easy for riders to see their way while in dark areas such as tunnels or while simply riding through the night.


As you can see, there is a great range of Rich Bit electric bikes that are available on the market today. When deciding which bike you should go for, it always helps to begin by making sure the bike is fit for purpose. After all, the Rich Bit ZDC RT-730 Electric Folding Bike and the Rich Bit RT860 Folding Electric Mountain Bike are both exceptional e-bikes. However, the former is suitable for work commutes while the latter has been designed for more rural journeys. If you consider all of this carefully, you should have no trouble finding the most suitable option for you.


As an Amazon assoiciate we earn from qualifying purchases

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